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BawiWhisk is the loving and careful creation of a passionate cook, baker and entrepreneur based in Bangalore, who opened India’s first specialty churros brand “Gobble Up Churros” in 2015. In her pursuit for perfection and to make the process of churro making easy, she developed her own churro premix. From these beginnings she developed a wider range of dessert mixes to bring the baking experience to every home. She is Sharmain Khoree fondly called “Bawi” a colloquial term to refer to a Parsi woman, and thus BawiWhisk was born.


We have created premixes for desserts that every Indian family would crave. We have also been conscious to keep in mind that every Indian household may not have ovens hence we have designed the premixes and recipes to be made using everyday household cooking utensils like pressure cookers, idli maker or chakli maker.  

All BawiWhisk products are made using quality ingredients, bought from reliable source in the industry that are as per the food quality standards. You don’t need a special occasion to sweeten your day when you have BawiWhisk premixes at your side. They are simply easy, quick and yummy. 

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